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What can you catch but not throw?

Contacts have been added to the Picture Messaging Page (Send MMS), this should speed up the sending of picture messages to your recipients. Enjoy!

We added RING TONES within your SETTINGS page. We will be adding more tones to the list and you can disable the tones altogether as well now.

We have removed the SECURITY CODE feature for all our text'em users! Once you're logged in you will notice you will no longer need to enter the SECURITY CODE. Let us know what you think!

The time stamp on your messages have been changed to the 12 hour format rather than military time.

We have added Text'em Chat, which allows our users access to chat amongst other Text'em Users.

We now provide Picture Messaging to a select group of carriers. You can send pictures to your friend/family's mobile devices from our site. Enjoy!

Work In Progress
Add more USA/CANADA carriers for picture messaging.